Part 2


“A lover says to sorrow, Come, come, I’m not afraid”


Nelson Singson Dino

Andai hatiku merindu
Kekasihku Aisah terkenang selalu
Dimana pun engkau berada
Ku tetap menyentaimu jua

Indahnya perasaan ini
Bersamamu dari hari ke hari
Jauh dan dekat bukan alasan
Kerana engkaulah yang ku sayang

Setulus hatiku menyayangimu
Biarpun cinta tak berbicara
Namun bisikan suaranya tetap terasa
Di jiwaku engkaulah ratu cinta hatiku

Antara malam dan siang engkau jua jadi pilihan
Gelap dan terang gembira memandang
Panasnya hilang sejuknya datang
Gelombang smara cinta kita tekun selamanya

Hari ini ku berjanji sehidup dan semati
Belaian kasihku tak akan pudar di hati
Cinta kita akan tetap menguasai hatiku ini
Walaupun warna dunia dah tiada lagi

Written and dedicated to Aisah Yahya- Nelson Dino while on a plan trip to Sandakan from Sulu and Zamboanga City in 2007

Aliazer Abdurajim

Twelve years have gone
The trouble you left still buzzing
All your prediction happening through time
What was really the snag you had undone?

The group you loved most now only name
The leaders you followed now have changed
Some of your comrades still the same
Some of them became my advisers and friends

Where ever you are now
Leave peacefully with God’s grace
Tomorrow we shall all joining you
And these dreams and agonies shall be gone

Saturday, August 23, 2008 (10:10 PM)
Refugees Camp
Kampung Bahagia, Sandakan

Nelson Singson Dino

Nice oh Nice
You are the light
Of the darkness
To fill the emptiness
To find for happiness
For the others

You are the light
That shower overnight
You are the mystery of yesterday
Which somebody wanna say yeh
Do it today

Nice keep going to guide
This might the reasons of life.

Written for a friend in honor of her name at YSTAPHIL during BSG training, Metro Manila in 2004

Our Children
Aliazer Abdurajim

Our children is our life
The valuable gift of God
Hope of the fatherland in their hands lies
Every parent must do their respective task

Every children smile cure our loneliness
Every children error is our happiness
Be opened to accept all their mistakes
It’s from us where their traits emanate

Our children of today’s world
Some are lucky, some are desolate
Many have been killed by our wickedness
Some we still let them live with opiates

If we wish to change this chaotic world
Ask them to respect their fellows
Teach them which is bad and good
Nurture their soft heart with moral values

Our children should be our priority
Love them with all your heart without boundary

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Refugees Camp
Kampung Bahagia, Sandakan

Nelson Singson Dino

You suddenly come to me
Telling me that you love me everyday

You gave me strength to face the world around me
Which I could not recognize

The feelings of my heart running through the tears
Saying that I loved too
I loved you too

The agony of my heart has been flown to the river
Cured by your love

Day after day
Coming from the day
Bearing fruits to witness that I loved you too
I loved you too

You suddenly come to me to tell that you love me everyday
I’ll tell that I loved you too
I’ll tell that I loved you too

Written at SILSILAH, Harmony Village, Zamboanga City in summer 2004 inspired by the fruit trees planted around the village.

Aliazer Abdurajim
You are
The star in my gloomy world
The sun in my hazy morning
The art in my paint wall
The beautiful dream in my sleep
The best part of my life
The partner that I longed to be
The things that make me fly and
The sum of my happiness

You are the one
That gives me courage,
Hope, love and commitment
Show me your real affection
I shall bring you to a place
Where we can see all our dreams
Dancing in the peak of our loves
Together we stand upright
Watching our joy sparks everyday
See nothing than our loves
Floating as bubbles in endless spaces

I’m just here beside you
Every day and every night
You just can’t feel my present
Cause we are both blinds
Facing towards sharpest edge

Besides all you are still the one…

You are the one

September 27, 2008 (12:53 am)
Kg. Bahagia, Sandakan

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Bangsa Muslim wajib magkasilasa
Tumukbal sin karayawan kaniya-kaniya
Islam siyapantun lubid way duhul niya
Ginhawa sin tiyap Muslim in dagbus niya

Salam kasi lasa subay hitukbal
Pa taymanghud Muslim di’ magkira lugal
Katilingkal alam mahinang kural
Daing ha panghindu’ sin syaitan iban sin Dajjal

Bang in Salam sin Muslim pataurun
Pagkahi manusiya hakatilibut tantu matipun
Way miskin way dayahan mataayun
Bang Sunnat iban wajib in sugpatun

Ha katukbal sin Salam kira Sunnat
Bang sambagun wajib laung sin maka-ingat
Pagdagpak sin duwa Lima dusa napakpak
Suratul rahim tantu nasugpat

Salam kiyawaan dalil daing ha Islam
Sajahitra’ in maana iban sin hantang
Maglibut sin dunya way pag bimbang
Siya mamarihala’ daing haka tigidluman

Nelson Singson Dino

You are the one that I dreaming for
You are the one that I really loved

You are the one that I loved very much
You are the one should stay beside me

You are the one that I really kept in my heart
My heartbeat says stay with me

You are the one that I looking for something
Something that could make me anything

You are the one the answer of yesterday’s dreams
Lighting the candles appeared your shadows within

You are the one bringing the lots of meaning
Only my love understands them after forever

Written in Takut-takut, Jolo, Sulu Archipelago, State of Darul Islam facing the silhouette of sunset in the sea, it is my dedication in longing the legendary trading Archipelagic Empire of the world.

Aliazer Abdurajim
You are the cause my mind won’t stop
To think of great escape from this doubt
I dragged not myself into this part
Big why still lingering in mine heart

You are the cause my reason dried
This small clot won’t help to stop
Your face is the shining armor
Can’t be easily touch

You are like a mountain full hope
Filled with brilliant stone on its slope
All climbers didn’t just see your uniqueness
Lies within your unselfish heart

Think this dream,
Not just mine dream
For I’m yours
As what I’ am to you

In this lovely thought we shared
Cherish it for the rest of our lives
Tomorrow still afar
To let this reason keep alive

September 30, 2008
Kg. Bahagia, Sandakan

Nelson Singson Dino

The day is coming back to you,
Which you believed that it’s true

The day that cannot be denied
Bringing luck for you

Wishing that you will be okay
Your safety most probably

The day that brings maturity
Keeping you out of puberty
A child within is now a lady

Your life must go on
Finding right direction
To shift of doing wrong
For you to be strong for so long

The moment you’ve shared are treasured
Only God knows its loads
Of which are untold till you grow old
And till the end of this world
That makes you proud of

The day will be coming again
When your life still existing
Whatever happen just be prepared

Aliazer Abdurajim

Mahinaat ini ikaw in piyasandung
Ikaw in tiyasdik sin atay ku
Haggut sin katilibut nakasiksa’
Hikaruhun sin tumtum ku kaymu dayang

Bihaun subangan iyalup ku
Ikaw ra in masi silawak
Ha laum sin atay ku

Hantang sin lasa ku kaymu
biya’ silak sin suga
Biya’ puti sin gabun
Ha kabudburan
Sutsi para kaymu,

Way sabanding mu di kaku’
Misan bud sakatun
Iban laud lurupun
Mangman kaw kakitaan ku..

Ikaw ra in kalasahan
Iban kaiibugan sin jantung ku
Ikaw ra in iyaangut
Dum, adlaw
Taymaa in niyat ku, para kaymu

Pikilan ku binsana’
Bang takaw di’ kakitaan
Dayang ku…

November 2, 2008, 7:04 am
Taman Jalil Alip, Sandakan

Nelson Singson Dino

You said hello and I replied with hi!
This is the thing that you usually we do

Starts from the smile apart which is hard to take part
But when it is approaching by, I could partly identify

As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”
As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”

When starting to converse you cannot directly say yes
Ashamed to be called easy to get and cheap

The truths do not lie if the feeling is there
The truths do not lie if the feeling is there
Do not deny until forever

Hi and hello, Hi and Hello
Hi and hello for us to do

You said hello and I replied with hi!
You said hello and I replied with hi!

This piece is dedicated to the youth that are still jailed in the path of pretension to express their feelings honestly.

Aliazer Abdurajim

At last, here I am about to pace
Bringing along joy and fear
Past life stand firm in the hill of fate
Hoping to Him not to forsake

‘Tis separation shall foretell
Our commitment to one another
The only absence is our presence
Deep in our hearts have strongest link

‘Tis small clot in flesh
Shall pour rain to ‘tis cheek
Let it flow as river does
It gives wisdom to those wise

As you know this journey is transient
There’s yet to come the permanent one
Just like yesterday has been gone
Only memory keeps remind

Let us build our dreams
Not only in this world but till in heaven
Allow me to flap this wing
To find the key to its means

Kg. Bahagia Sandakan
August 2, 2008, 10:02 pm

Nelson singson Dino

Sinaran wajahmu bagai mentari
Keindahan cahaya diberi
Manisnya suaramu
Memikat hatiku

Kilauan cintamu membawa erti
Engkaulah kekasih sejati
Rinduku tak terkira
Mengenang dirimu yang setia

Abadikan cintaku padamu
Seandainya kesipian terus membeku
Iringi jiwa ku yang pilu
Meneruskan perjalanan kita yang jauh

Kesucian hatimu menerangi kegelapan
Dunia hatiku yang tak tenang
Beginilah erti cinta padaku
Usah kau tiggalkan diriku

Written at Taman Mesra, Batu 4, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

Nelson Singson Dino

New acquaintance is what you were to me
When started this journey

Exploring the world of friendship
Where mountains have to be climbed and rivers and seas to be crossed
Is such as great adventure, it seems to me

Laying down the foundation of what we call our friendship
It is definitely imperative for this young, miniature to stand firmly
Against raging monsoon and deadly plague

Say it is like a magic and I must agree
For it is beyond our expectation
A friend that we never thought would go through this way

Opening the books of our lives solely for the two of us
Creates new sense of comport and trust
Letting loose of the thoughts that whirl in our hearts
And spilling the deepest sort of emotions

Not one of us can decipher
The nucleus of our friendship’s cell

This poem inspired by the short-term intimate friendship built between two people during university days in Mindanao. The author is an Artivist (artist-activist) in the struggle to address socio-economic, political, and historical injustices and oppression towards Mindanaons, Sulus and Palawani (MINSUPALA) for freedom. He is a former director of the Puddang Lupa’ Sug Arts Guild (PLSAG), and Founding Chair of Youth Innovative Leaders for Development (Y-I-LEAD) and Sulu Union of Students Councils (SUSCO).

Nelson Singson Dino

Unexpected words come saying goodbye
That hurt my feelings inside

Knowing no reason why, it says nothing
I don’t know what to say… anyway…
Than to accept, I was thrown away…

Thrown away
The words, that hurt me gently…
Taking it seriously makes me crazy
Thrown away

I wanna fight for her but I cannot make it
Because of the distance that set us apart

Maybe times will come set us together
Though it means hurting
But I am still hoping to figure it out?
Sooner or later

Written for a good friend, Mr AH of Jolo and was published in the Hangadhulat MSU-Sulu Student Publication

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

I’m unsure if tomorrow has lights
Should this darkness wouldn’t lift up
I’m unsure if tomorrow still have life
Should this grief wouldn’t stop

A lover says to sorrow
Come, come, I’m not afraid
Poverty, painful, and anything that hurts
Bring it to me I shall not leave.

(1:37 pm) May 27, 2008. Kg. Bahagia, Sandakan

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Jaman sin kabata'
In atay way hugna'
Dum adlaw naghuhuna'
Ku'nu kita magkita'

Adlaw kapagbak ta
Wayna sabanding lasa
Misan baga kayu
Ubugun Tara karuwa

Tiyap waktu magbutas
Jantung magsilawak
Ngan mu pagsabbutun
Aymuka pagpasandungun

Bihaun yari na
Miyustajab in duwa-a
Piyaghambuuk niya
In duwa dunya ta

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Masa ha parkandangan
In katan tiyahanan
Sibu’ da basa' iban katahayan
Katan way siyulang

Napas agun mugtu’
Kaagi mu nagtuyu'
Misan nag-ulan punglu'
Masi kaw naglugtu'
Siyambulan mu giyakus
Lasa in piyamaggut
Pagmalilla' mu maghuhugut
Misan in sungun balakal maut

Paglahil sin bata’ pa dunya
Lasa mu maggaganda
Kaagi mu magjaga
Way sabanding niya

2007 Sandakan

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Tagna' dunya na-awn
Pagtawag amah siyangun
Haggut pasu' tanggungun
Lasa pa ahli magduruhun
In tuyu' mu nagtuku
Di' kaw magkira waktu
Tanggungjawab hinang mu
Bat hikanalka' kaymu
Hambuuk pa duwa Siyn
Pa bay mu hiyambin
Ha bulsa di’ magkapin
Asawa in maguulin

Bukun hadja lahil
Pa batin di magpikil Ilmu’ Ilmu' di’ magkabangkil
Pa ahli mu hidihil

2007 Sandakan

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Tagna' kaw iyangut
Ha jantung kaw magkubbut
Pila tahun libut
Sampay duwa natibuuk

Kasi lasa nagmisla'
Ikaw in miyukalna'
Daing ha kusug sin rida'
In ikaw piyagbata'

Ha laum rahmat kaw piyutus
Ni'mat in piyagtugut
Tuhan amu tag-gaus
Siyambulan kaw giyakus

Paglahil mu pa dunya
Maas landu' binasa
Misan hat kaw magtangis
Mahinang nila susa

Pila masa limabay limaggu' nakaw
Lasa sin maas kaymu way naghupay
Upama makarusa ayaw humanggaw
Ampun iban maap pangayu' kaw

Sulga' nakabutang ha pad siki nila
Hadis in nagbayta' aykaw magawa
Di ha adlaw dunya paruliha
Wajib tungbasan maas mu sila

Nelson S. Dino and Vheds Alih

Sa patuloy na pag-ikot ng mundo
Sa paglipas ng liwanag dulo’t mo’y pagsapit ng dilim
Sa buong magdamag halos humihiling

Sana bukas pagsapit ng liwanag sa dakong silangan
Ay ang panimulang yugto ng aking lantad na pag-ibig
Sa araw-araw, gabi-gabi, kaagapay sa isip
Sa halip mong iwaksi lalong kumakapit

Sa kalagitnaan ng dilim kung saan tahimik ang panahon
Sa labis na pagdaramdam di makuha matulog ng sapat

Sa di inaasahang pagkakataon hiling ay sumibol
Sa kabila ng lungkot at pangungulilang lubos
Sa akin ay lahat, kumakampi pati na ang langit

Sa muling pag-asa hatid ay may kapal akin iingatan
Sa muling pagsibol ng pag-ibig
Maging saksi man ang buwan at maga bituin

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Mayta' bang miskin makasipug?
Kita-a in liyabayan bat mu matukud
Bukun ka ini giyanta' ha Lawhil Mahfuz
Mayta' hinangun salla' hapagtaymanghud

Kamiskin mataud dagbus ha babaw gumi
bukun sawkat way alta wayna lagi
Bakas ka kaw nangasubu mayta yari?
Dunya ini malu-ag paglagan gusi

Kamiskin way nakabutang ha way pilak
Bang kaw kulang ilmu' lamud kiyasipat
Bang pangaddatan kulang hambuuk ganap
Labi na bang akkal kulang pilasat

Kamiskin ha pilak bukun kakkal
Magad ha sudlap sin suga adlaw-adlaw
Dihilan lipaga hambuuk hikababbal
Bang sambil lutu' taykuran pa hula' kakkal

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Called from a distance
reached my Mother's ear
echoed from a stranger
mixed the two worlds
The blood cell ran
capsulated in darkness
the paramour separated
But love was unshaken
the wind of change blew
sailed across the Sulu Sea
the fruit of love multiplied
dilemma arose securing futurity
The distance called transformed
traveling to the eternal realm
the mortal swallowing sorrow
Searching light is vital one.

Nelson Singson Dino & Fhaieye Takulong

The love we shared had been wasted
If the hearts are always different
Until when should I last?
Frustrations felt in my heart

If ever we are still together
Can never become one again
Though there are remains of our love
Just leave it to end up here

There are no hopes anymore
There are no dreams anymore
Leave me alone without you

There are no words that my love can say
Never will I go back to you
Let me keep all the memories we had

The piece was written with Fhaieye Takulong in the house of his cousin a week before he was shot to death on January 2008 at the vicinity of his university after he prays Maghrib in Zamboanga City. The cause of the killing still remains a mystery. The student organization he was heading in the school was said to be under the surveillance of the authority. He was one of the victims of extra-judicial killing.

Aliazer S. Abdurajim

Tawag daing ha kalayuan
Dimatung pa pangdungug hi inah,
Gimuwah daing ha tau labay,
na hambuuk in duwa dunya

In dugu’ dimagan
Napuputus sin katigidluman
In maglalasa nabutas
Sa’ lasa way na-utas
In hangin sin pagpinda himuyup
Imuntas ha dagat Sulu
In bunga sin paglasa timaud
Magparayaw sin susungun in nahinang susa

In tawag daing ha kalayuan napinda
timulak na pa dunya way tubtuban
In kiyabin naglindu randam
Mag-uki’ sin kasawahaan in kalagihan

Zamboanga City, Philippines, 2001